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As You Like It Guthrie Theater


"Meghan Kreidler as Rosalind not only surpasses Patti LuPone who played the role in Liviu Ciulei’s flawed 1982 Guthrie production, but Kreidler is piercingly savvy to the power and influence she has regarding the other relationships. This is a pivotal reason why Rosalind is widely considered to be one of world literature’s most powerfully intelligent female characters. Kreidler dons the role’s masculine visage named Ganymede, hence giving subversive scope to Rosalind’s intuitive sense of bringing unwitting soul mates together who would otherwise have not connected. Kreidler portrays this brilliantly and it’s among the finest Rosalinds I’ve ever seen in 40 years of having encountered several productions of this comedy." -John Townsend, Lavendar Magazine

"Kreidler’s been rising steadily for years, and given this role on the region’s most illustrious stage, she holds the audience in the palm of her hand as Rosalind commands the situation with style. She’s officially a star, and her chemistry with San Miguel makes them an instantly iconic pair of heroines." -Jay Gabler, City Pages

"Kudos to Meghan Kreidler and Andrea San Miguel for making the friendship between Rosalind and Celia more compelling than any of the romances in the play." -Peter Diamond, MPLS/St. Paul Magazine

"Meghan ­Kreidler anchors the play with her good-humored intelligence. In classic rom-com style, her Rosalind is smart about everyone’s love life but her own." -Chris Hewitt, Star Tribune

Vietgone Mixed Blood Theatre

"And then there’s Meghan Kreidler. She plays Tong. Yikesfire. Kreidler uses her imposing physical presence to great effect in this play. She’s Vietgone‘s thematic center, the softly ambitious American. Possessor of the clearest vision. And her quiet hip-hop songs took me to a theatrical planet from which I was ever-sorry to return. Kreidler is emerging as one of the area’s best talents. She provides a major reason to see Vietgone."

-Jon Olive, How Was The Show?

"Kreidler continues to impress me as an actor who never feels the need to strain her voice. She has a well of power that unmistakably finds her character's stridency but she also shows great generosity and kindness at moments. She never feels the need to impress herself." -Graydon Royce, Star Tribune

"David (a NYC based actor) and Meghan (fresh off a run in The Paper Dreams of Harry Chin that closed literally the day before this play opened, a transition she makes with ease and grace) both give incredibly heart-felt and raw performances. Meghan in particular is a force to be reckoned with."

-Cherry and Spoon

"But the women absolutely steal the show. Kreidler is tough and fiercely sensual, pragmatic to the point of coldness. It’s a joy to watch her defenses melt."

-Rachel Teagle, MN Playlist

"As Tong, Meghan Kreidler gives a strong performance as a character who swallows the pain of her life experience, matter-of-factly making plans and finding solace in sex without strings." -Arthur Dorman, Talkin' Broadway

Flower Drum Song Mu Performing Arts/Park Square Theatre

"Remember Kreidler's name. She seizes the stage as Linda, with presence and a personality that is edgy and big." -Graydon Royce, Star Tribune

"Kreidler has a presence that is strong, confident, sexy and smart, and fits in well with the nightclub production numbers." -Arthur Dorman, Talkin' Broadway

"Meghan Kreidler as nightclub star Linda is both sexy and compassionate." -Karen Bovard, Broadway World

A Little Night Music Mu Performing Arts


"I’m running out of room here, but I have to wax especially enthusiastic about Meghan Kreidler as Charlotte. This performer has been knocking around the local theater scene for a few years and I’m delighted to report that in A Little Night Music she has – almost – found a role that showcases her substantial talents. I couldn’t yank my eyes away from her. Casters take note: Kreidler sings, acts brilliantly, is extremely easy on the eyes. She is on the verge of a breakthrough." -Jon Olive, How Was The Show?


"Meghan Kreidler is a scene stealer with her sarcastic and despairing portrayal of Charlotte who both despises and desperately loves her philandering husband." -Bev Wolfe, TC Daily Planet


"Meghan Kreidler offers a beautifully multifaceted performance as Charlotte, combining sharply comic cynicism with a finely wrought sorrow, and she and Suzie Juul as Anne turn the duet “Every Day a Little Death” into one of the musical highlights of the show." -Lisa Brock, Star Tribune


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Children's Theatre Company


"The big exception being Meghan Kreidler’s hard-boiled military commander, a performance brimming with physicality and action-hero bravado." -Ira Brooker, Minnesota Playlist


"Our guides on this adventure are Cmdr. Lowshack (the forceful and potent Meghan Kreidler, who alternates with Isabel Nelson in the physically and emotionally intense role)." -Rohan Preston, Star Tribune

Peter Pan Children's Theatre Company


"Nevertheless, this song highlights the show’s best new feature: Tiger Lily and her “pounces”, a group of tiger-like girls who replace the traditional “Indians” of past versions. Led by a ferocious and strong Tiger Lily (Meghan Kreidler), the group is formidable and undeniably cool." -David and Chelsea Berglund, How Was The Show


"Nods go to Dean Holt as factotum Smee and to Meghan Kreidler, the actor and dance captain who also is punchy as Tiger Lily."

-Rohan Preston, Star Tribune 


Busytown Children's Theatre Company


"And it's a very impressive debut for one of CTC's new performing apprentices, Meghan Kreidler, who sings a passionate tune about falling for a worm and adds some vinegar to the recipe as the mail carrier who "whistles an angry tune," reminding us that every city has its surliness." -Rob Hubbard, Press


"These CTC stalwarts are joined by Meghan Kreidler – who delights as the Angry Postperson and also as lovelorn Nurse Nellie."

-Jon Olive, How Was the Show

Kung Fu Zombies vs. Cannibals Mu Performing Arts


"We found Meghan Kreidler’s performance remarkable. If we were to wager, we’d say she’s a good bet for the 2014 Emerging Artist award at the Iveys. We’re not, but we would if we were." -Rob Callahan, l'etoile magazine from A Few of Our Favorite Things: The Best of 2013


"Sika [is] played with ferocious energy by Meghan Kreidler." -Lisa Brock, Star Tribune



The Sexual Life of Savages Walking Shadow Theatre Co.


"Meghan Kreidler plays Jean, who has blind spots of her own but--despite a tough upbringing--seems to be the most mentally healthy and nuanced character in the play. Kreidler's performance allows us to see those complexities. She doesn't bestow judgement on the character, allowing audience members to decide for themselves." -Dominic P. Papatola, Pioneer Press


"Meghan Kreidler gets to the core of Jean's strength and personal conviction." -Sophie Kerman, Aisle Say Twin Cities

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